ROMANCE was always on the cards when Daniel Uslar and Brooke Andrews booked a holiday in Fiji in August.
But a proposal, on a jet-ski in the middle of the pristine, blue waters off Day Dream Island, sent the romance barometer skyrocketing.
Brooke is a born romantic, and it seems she has met her perfect match in Daniel.
The couple have been together for five years, and, of course they have talked of their future life together. But, when the time came for that big question, Daniel wanted it to be special, romantic, memorable … the perfect mix of spectacular and traditional.
He hired out the entire jet-ski fleet to make sure they had their destination all to themselves.
“We love to travel and I really like to surprise her. I wanted to spoil her with something we would both remember as a really special moment in our lives,” Daniel told Wedding Bells.
Two reef sharks swimming around their remote island rendezvous were an unexpected audience, but they weren’t going to put Daniel off his game plan.
With Brooke happy to stay on the duck-board of the jet-ski, he snorkelled around a coral shelf before making his grand entrance.
“I popped up out of the water on to the jet-ski, opened up the little capsule with the ring in it, went down on one knee and said ‘Will you marry me?’ ” he said.
Her reaction, surprised, excited, emotional … was everything he had hoped for.
“She pretty much tackled me off the jet-ski,” he said.
And, of course, the answer was a ‘Yes’. Repeated three times, just so there was no mistake.
Brooke said she had always pictured herself and Daniel as having a future together, but had no idea he was going to propose.
“Of course we have talked about the future, I just didn’t know when we would formalise the wonderful relationship we have together,” she said.
“I like surprises and he really did surprise me with such a romantic proposal and such an amazing ring,” she said.
The ring, diamond and gold, was hand-made by Dean Knoote Diamonds in Western Australia.
Their Day Dream Island proposal is something they will remember forever as a beautiful start to their married life together, but both agree it is ultimately about celebrating the love they share, the commitment they are making and looking forward to the future together.
“I think getting engaged is a big thing and Brooke deserves everything I can give her, but I know it wouldn’t have mattered if I had proposed with a ring out of a vending machine at a bowling alley,” Daniel said. “The response would have been the same.”
“It was such an amazing, romantic thing to do,” said Brooke who added however that it wouldn’t have mattered at all had it been less spectacular.
“It’s all I’ve ever wanted really; and especially when you love somebody, it’s not about how they propose to you, it’s about just committing because you love them.”

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