EVERYTHING about Natalie and Cameron Walker’s wedding was traditional – except for the day they chose to marry.
Natalie said she did not feel obligated to get married over a weekend and their Wednesday wedding date had a particular sentiment.
“We first started dating on a 13th engagement party in New Zealand with Cameron’s family on a 13th,” she said.
“We didn’t plan it like that, it just sort of happened. When we realised, we liked that 13 was our lucky number.”
Cameron and Natalie met six years ago, after Cameron moved permanently to Australia from New Zealand. Natalie said they kept their local and overseas guests in mind when planning their wedding date.
“We knew that with half the wedding guests being from New Zealand, people were going to have to take time off for the wedding anyway,” she said.
“Rather then flying up for a weekend, we were able to spend as much time with them as we could. We had a late ceremony so, if they wanted, our guests here didn’t have to take a whole day off work.”
Natalie said a weekday wedding at Marybrooke Manor in Sherbrooke, was not only convenient but also cost-effective.
“The cost of a mid-week wedding was about half the cost of a weekend one,” Natalie said.
“I also didn’t have to battle any brides for anything. When I called, most places assumed I was inquiring about a weekend wedding.
“When I said it was a Wednesday their whole attitude changed. They could offer me a more personalised service because they weren’t rushing between other events.”
For brides worrying about inconvenient guests, Natalie said that it was important that couples remembered what was important.
“For us it was about focusing on what day about, which was getting married and not how much money we were spending, or who was there.
“We didn’t feel the need to invite everyone we know, that’s not what getting married is actually about. If not a single guest turned up, the things most important to me were saying “I do” and starting our family … and of course making my husband cry.”

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