AFTER couples say ‘I do’, the next best thing to look forward to is often the honeymoon.
But a new trend is showing the expense of the wedding is leaving couples high and dry with more and more saying good-bye to lush Maldives retreats and hello to staying a little closer to home.
The mini-moon is much the same as the opulent overseas honeymoon, just closer to home, be it interstate or even in the couple’s home state.
Newlywed Lilydale couple Dean and Rebecca Tromp chose to have a mini-moon on the Gold Coast earlier this year due to work commitments and the savings they made.
“We would rather save our money, not necessarily for another honeymoon, but for other things like a new car and a deposit for a house, as these are a priority for us right now,” Rebecca said.
The couple organised the getaway together without the help of a travel agent and said going for the shorter, closer-to-home option, they were able to spend more money on accommodation and activities that otherwise would have been spent on travel.
However, Bella Jet Travel manger Katherine Newlands said most of the honeymoon trips she had booked this year had been big Europe or American trips.
“Other popular spots are Thailand and Bali and the mini-mooners are choosing Port Douglas and New Zealand,” she said.
“I think most are still opting for the honeymoon due to couples wanting to do that ‘big’ trip before they come home and start their family.”
Katherine’s top honeymoon/mini-moon travel tips are:
Decide on a Budget and stick to it.
Decide on what both want out of the trip, whether it is to lay on a beach or an action- packed holiday.
Make sure you are doing things that both parties want to do.
Book early to get the great sales.
Organise a honeymoon registry with the travel agent so your family and friends can contribute towards the honeymoon which then gives you more funds to spend.

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