WHEN HANNAH Brooke married her fiance, Andrew, the wedding was like a little bit of England had come to Mount Evelyn.
The Glenburn West couple married at Lilydale’s Chateau Wyuna on 27 April this year, and Ms Brooke said that she wanted to integrate some parts of her home country into the wedding.
“He calls me ‘my English Rose’, so we had roses,” she said.
She was driven to the venue in a traditional Rolls Royce, and, due to Hannah living near Liverpool, the Beatles featured on the wedding playlist.
“We just wanted to enjoy ourselves,” Ms Brooke said.
“It was really nice to be able to tie bits of England into our day – my life is quite Australian now, but it’s nice to be able to remember where I’m from.”
With her family largely based overseas, Ms Brooke said the couple had to deal with around seven airport pick-ups throughout the nights leading up to the wedding, and nine people staying in their two-bedroom house.
“It was full on, but the value of having them there outweighed the hassle of having them there,” she said.
To accommodate for the disparity in numbers on the day, Ms Brooke designed a sign to help visitors step away from the tradition of sitting on the side of either the bride or a groom.
“Today as two families become one, we ask that you please choose a seat, not a side,” the sign read.
Autumn was another key feature in the wedding, as it is the brides’ favourite English season, and so the wedding had a colour theme of charcoal with orange accents.
Ms Brooke said that, while she designed many aspects of the wedding, Andrew was very involved in the overall plans, and that they went through every step together. She said her favourite moment from the wedding was when the doors at the chapel opened and she saw her groom for the first time.
“That moment when the doors opened for me walking down the isle – you picture that moment, the first time everyone sees you and you imagine it to be magical,” Ms Brooke said.
“That was the biggest moment for me – standing in front of the doors and them opening, and seeing him for the first time and him seeing me for the first time.
“It goes quickly, though.”
The pair honeymooned in Bali, and Ms Brooke said that her friends told her it was the best wedding they had attended.

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