Something borrowed, something blue, out with the old and in with the new.
When it comes to planning a wedding more and more couples are choosing to tweak tradition and add their own spin to the way they say ‘I do.’
With more and more ‘modern family’ situations occurring, marriages are becoming not just of two people but the union of their families, which can add a whole new dimension to the loving day of celebration.
Newlyweds Andrew and Chantel Steele also wanted to celebrate the union of a new family for Andrew’s four children and kept the kids in mind when planning the special day.
“Including the kids was really important to us and we didn’t want to discount the fact that by me marrying Andrew, I also now have four kids,” she said.
“There was also nothing traditional about my wedding, the closest thing is probably my big white wedding dress.
“Other than that, we had a magic trick from one of my step-sons during the ceremony, and I had games at my reception – our wedding cake was even made using the eggs our hens laid,” she said.
To bring to life the wedding reception at Nathania Springs, bridal games were played including a wedding garter relay and a bridal scavenger hunt.
This created a fun and very unique atmosphere for guests and something the children could really enjoy.
“In order to bring our family and friends together more, we also didn’t do the tables in the traditional way with a parents’ tables, an aunts and uncles table, his friends table, my friends tables and so on, but rather we mixed it up a little,” she said.
“It meant that some people who thought they would be sitting together were split up which promoted people moving around a little more to chat and get to know different people.
“This also reduced the impact on the guests that didn’t really know anyone because they weren’t at a table where everybody already knew each other.”

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